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Visa 485 a stepping stone to Permanent Residency

You have just completed your last semester exam having worked hard for the last three years to gain a degree at an Australian University. You are excited about the opportunities to work in your dream job after you graduate but your excitement may soon turn into disappointment when you realise that you are not eligible for the work visa you thought you could apply for. You now wish that you had made the time to get expert migration advice to know your options.


Planning and preparing a visa strategy in consultation with a Reputed Migration Agent well in advance of graduating will help you to understand what steps to take to ensure you meet the visa requirements for your next visa if you wish to stay and work in Australia.

A successful migration journey cannot be left to the last minute, it requires planning and preparation. There are a number of visa options open to students who are nearing completion of their studies. The most popular choice being the 485 Temporary Graduate Visa. This visa is only for students who have completed 2 years or more years of study at the Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Masters and PHD level and also includes Trades Qualifications. Depending upon your qualification and situation a Post Study Work Visa or Graduate Visa can be granted for 18 months, 2 years or up to 4 years.

Under the old 457 Temporary Work visa, employers could sponsor international graduates without work experience; all they needed was relevant qualification. As such, the 457 visa was the most common visa for international students to apply for upon graduating and after some years would lead to an employer sponsored permanent residency application. On 18 March 2018, the 457 visa was replaced by the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 visa. The TSS visa closed the door to employer sponsorship for most international graduates due its requirement for at least 2 years’ of work experience in the occupation nominated (or a related field).

For recent graduates, the 485 Graduate Visa gives eligible graduates the opportunity to gain work experience in their occupation with full work rights. Importantly, such work experience can contribute to satisfying the 2 years’ work experience requirement for the TSS employer sponsored visa. Alternatively, if you meet the points test, you may be eligible for the independent skilled permanent residency visa.

If permanent residency is your goal then discussing your unique circumstances and obtaining specific advice to fully understand your Visa Options  and plan your pathway will ensure  you avoid disappointment down the track. The migration advice may result in you changing your course or enrolling in further study… if PR is your goal make sure you are well advised by specialist Migration Agent and experienced Human Resource (HR) specialist also.

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