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The Japan Times and other media report new legislation enacted by Japan’s parliament (Diet) increasing lower skilled foreign worker arrivals may expose more workers to exploitation already suffered by foreign workers, under the present Technical Interim Training Program (TITP).

 “another devastating cruelty”.

Violation of worker rights and basic human rights, including, pay rates below minimum wages, harsh working conditions, marginalisation and physical harassment have been widely reported.

Some 70 deaths occurred for the period 2015- 2017 amongst foreign workers from China, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, including 6 by suicide according to justice ministry data cited by a lawmaker Mr Akira Nagatsuma from the CDP party and another CDP lawmaker Mr Yoshifu Arita is reported to have branded the new legislation “another devastating cruelty”.

By contrast, foreign workers in Australia enjoy equal rights, with pay and conditions protected by a comprehensive legal framework. Australia has a strong culture of non-discrimination in the workplace and tolerance of diversity.

Migrants involved in Work, Study or Business can choose to bring their spouse or partner and children to Australia. Foreign workers can buy businesses and property or start-up business during their stay, have access to housing , education, healthcare and live and enjoy life as ordinary Australians do.

There are many entry pathways for foreign Professional and Occupational workers via Sponsored and Independent migration streams. Both local and foreign companies can apply for Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) status. approved sponsors can nominate prospective workers under the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) 482 Visa program.

Nominations can be made under 2 or 4 year streams. Entry under the 4 year stream provides pathways to permanent residency (PR), the 2 year stream does not allow PR access. A Sponsoring company must pay all visa application fees for the nominated employee and enter into a legally compliant employment contract.

The TSS Visa program is a valuable tool for businesses to satisfy skills shortages, be it for on-going operations, organic growth and project work or business start-up.

The 482 Visa under the TSS program was recently introduced as a replacement to address shortcomings of the abolished 457 visa program. It is strictly enforced with penalties applying to both offending employers and employees.

Enlisting the services of ethical Migration, Legal, HR and Business professionals or an entity that can offer a “one stop shop” solution can ensure lawful recruitment and compliance with requirements of the TSS program, ensuring a successful outcome for both employers and employees…


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