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temporary skill shortage visa

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

Why do Employers need Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) approval and what is it?

SBS enables employers to sponsor skilled foreign workers to fill positions, where a skilled worker shortage exists and is the approval granted by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) enabling Employers to nominate foreign workers under the Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visa program.

There are short-term and long-term stream categories available. In the short-term stream, skilled workers can stay up to 2 years and in the long-term stream, the stay is a maximum of 4 years. The labour agreement stream stay is dependent on the approved term under a labour agreement.

Approved Standard Business Sponsorship – Advantages:

• Depending on certain business fundamentals approval can be obtained for recruitment of a defined number of skilled foreign workers over a period of time.

• Sponsors who qualify for accredited status will receive priority processing of all TSS nomination and visa applications, with most applications processed in less than five days and extend the Approval duration prior to expiry.

• Invest in growth plans of a business without the uncertainty of skilled labour shortage.

• Sponsor long-term stream workers for permanent residency after a qualifying period

Approved Standard Business Sponsorship – Eligibility

To become a standard business sponsor, you must meet a number of general requirements. These include:
• being a lawfully operating business
• having no relevant adverse information against your business
• You must demonstrate that your business is both:
– legally established
– operating, irrespective of whether the business operation is inside or   –            outside Australia.

Summary: Approved Standard Business Sponsorship

To obtain approved SBS status under the TSS visa program a business must submit a complying SBS application with necessary supporting documentation. A Registered Migration Agent can be engaged to act for the business. Importantly, an Agent with credentials in Legal, Industrial Relations (IR), Human Resources (HR), and Business experience can represent and support a business more effectively to both submit a complying application and in the recruitment process, ensuring compliance with Migration and Employment Laws.

The TSS program is strictly enforced and imposes compliance obligations on both Employers. With guidance from Licensed Agents an approved employer can confidently focus on business operations and growth.




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