Global Talent Visa 858

Australia’s Global Talent Visa 858

To be eligible for Global Talent 858 Visa you must have Talent and Achievements in any one of the Target Sectors.

The Global Talent EOI is your first step, check out the target sectors, info and FAQs to get started. 

Australia’s Global Talent Visa 858 Migration program seeks to attract talented professionals who can demonstrate exceptional achievements and have the capability to create opportunities for Australia in any of the target sectors.

Licensed Agents – Credentials

The principals of Licensed Agents have top-tier management experience in Australia for leading Global and Australian Corporations where technology and talent are primary drivers of growth.

Our knowledge and experience ensure your talent and credentials shine through when we present EOI:

Exceptional knowledge of migration Policies applicable to GTI visa

Alignment with the goals and objectives of the GTI visa as an incubator of opportunities for Australia.

Credentials in HR Management and Workplace Laws. With expertise in Skills assessment, recruitment, and development of talent.

Knowledge of Australia’s complex workplace environments and talent needs.

Experienced in government liaison business start-ups, and regional economy.

Australia's Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa

Do you have what it takes?
to be successful…in the Global Talent Visa 858 program?

Your Exceptional Talent and Achievements are just the beginning. Presenting your EOI to align with the Global Talent Visa requirements to create an impression that will ‘stand out from the crowd’ is our Talent, just like you we are the best at what we do…

The Global Talent Visa 858 / Target Sectors

To be eligible for Global Talent 858 Visa you must have Talent and Achievements in any one of the Target Sectors below. Look within a sector to view its subcategories:

Global Talent Visa 858 Migration gives you instant access to PR and other amazing…benefits

There is no better visa subclass that will give you access to the very best of Australia’s social privileges and security from day one. Enjoy an exceptional lifestyle including access to public health, education, a properly regulated financial sector world renowned quality of life… Learn more below…

Global Talent Visa 858 Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions Global Talent Visa 858

The Global Talent Visa 858 application requires a 2 step process:

1. Expression of Interest (EOI)

EOI applications that are assessed as successful are invited to apply for the Global Talent Visa 858 and receive a “Unique Identifier Number”.

2. Visa Application

Those who are successful in the EOI stage are able to use the “Unique Identifier Number” to submit an application for the Global Talent subclass 858 visa.

Government (DOHA) fees: (AUD) as at 25.07.2023

  • Primary applicant-        4,710
  • Spouse/Partner-           4,720
  • Children over 18-          4,720
  • Children under 18-       1,180
  • Credit/Debit Card         1.50% (payment surcharge)

Licensed Agents – Advisory and Lodgement Fees:  Fixed price fee quoted on a case by case basis with sensitivity to individual case complexity.

Nomination definition:

  • Australian citizen, resident, eligible New Zealand citizen* or an Australian organisation with a national reputation in the same field as the applicant.


Nomination for the purposes of the Global Talent Visa is not a financial commitment. Essentially, the Nominator must attest to the applicant’s achievements and international standing in relation to their field, value to the Australian community and capacity to gain employment in their field.

No, a skills assessment is not a mandatory requirement, however ,in certain circumstances it can be advantageous to demonstrate the ability to settle in Australia.

No, it is not subject to a points tested score.

Eligibility requirements are address separately, please see eligibility section above in body of this page.

Age limit is applicable?



Yes… However, only for the purpose of avoiding payment of an additional visa fee (second visa fee), if you or your family members do not have at least “Functional English” which is equivalent to an IELTS total score of 4.5 

Yes! the Global Talent visa 858 is a Permanent Residency (PR) visa.

Australia’s official High Income Threshold (HIT) is set by the Fairwork Commission and indexed annually on July 1 each year. Applicants must demonstrate they are capable of earning at the HIT. As of 1 July 2023 it is AUD 167,500

No, however, those who are aged 55 and above must demonstrate a higher level of exceptional benefit to Australia than those who are below the age of 55.


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